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Comprehensive Care is the Measure for Success

Most patients who come to Bethany Home for skilled nursing and rehabilitation services eventually go home or to a lower level of care. Prior to discharge, our team helps prepare each resident to transition to home or another living setting.

In some cases, a long term stay may be required to fully recover or to meet ongoing needs. Whether staying with us for only a short time, or residing with us for a longer period of time, we aim to ensure that our residents feel nurtured, comfortable and secure.

We are proud to partner with a vast network of hospitals, doctors and therapists to coordinate the best care possible for our patients. Likewise, Bethany Home is an invested member of the East Side community and our patients reap the benefits of activities and relationships that help them to remain a vital part of the surrounding community as well. At Bethany Home we understand that the quality of care we provide is only part of our success and that quality of life is an equally important facet of overall well being.

Skilled Nursing Services

At Bethany Home we don’t just treat the problem, we treat the person. Our medical professionals are trained to care for the often complex needs of the patients we serve with both compassion and skill. Working as a team with other care partners such as physicians, specialists and hospital personnel, our nurses and therapists provide comprehensive patient assessments in order to establish individualized treatment plans. By providing as much autonomy as possible within a supportive setting, we create a warm and inviting skilled nursing environment in which patients will thrive and heal as quickly as possible.

Standard Skilled Nursing Services:

  • 24-hour skilled nursing care 7 days per week
  • Comprehensive wound care
  • Pulmonary management
  • Post surgical stabilization
  • Intravenous/enteral/parenteral therapies
  • Restorative nursing care
  • Physical, occupational & speech rehabilitation
  • IV therapy
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Lab/x-ray services
  • Medication administration/assistance
  • Emergency call systems
  • Social Services
  • In-patient clinical services including internal medicine, podiatry, audiology, dentistry, optometry
  • Respite care


Bethany Home’s customized approach to short term rehabilitation is enhanced by the latest and most advanced technologies and healing approaches available. We are committed to provide those we care for with the best possible treatment so they can safely achieve their highest level of independence.

Our clinicians have extensive experience in helping patients regain functional abilities lost due to surgery, illness, injury or medically complex conditions. The goal of our physical, occupational and speech therapists is to promote independent living by bringing each patient’s mobility and lifestyle capabilities to optimal levels. Our one-on-one, personalized approach results in improved outcomes in a shorter length of stay.

Rehabilitation programs include:

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation/Joint Replacement
  • Neurological Diseases/Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Post-Surgical Recovery
  • Cardiac Recovery
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Cancer Care
  • Arthritis Care
  • Balance Disorder Care
  • Home Life Practice Settings

Therapy Team Focused on the Individual

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists work one-on-one with our patients to achieve goals for strength, flexibility, endurance and mobility. Their goal is to promote independent living by bringing patients’ mobility and lifestyle capabilities to optimal levels. The result of this personalized approach is improved outcomes in a shorter length of stay.

Physical Therapists

PTs are experts in restoring lost movement and function that result from an injury or illness. PTs work with our patients on:

  • Basic mobility, like getting in and out of bed
  • Balance and fall-risk reduction
  • Walking and wheelchair mobility
  • Strength and restoring lost movement
  • Exercise treatment plans

Occupational Therapists

OTs help correct or compensate for problems with fine motor skills that impede activities of daily living as a result of illness or injury. OTs work with our patients on:

  • Mobility needed for functional tasks like kitchen activities or dressing.
  • Muscle strength and joint range of motion to be able to regain self-care ability
  • Logical thought processes for movement and activity planning, sensation, vision
  • Dressing, grooming, hygiene, meal preparations, and other household tasks

Speech Language Pathologists

SLPs help our patients who have cognitive, communication, and swallowing disorders resulting from illness or injury. SLPs work with our residents on:

  • Language ability and cognitive retraining
  • Alternative communication strategies
  • Swallowing ability and diet textures to prevent aspiration