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A Message from the Bethany Home Administrator:

Marth 12th, 2020

Dear Families, Friends and Loved Ones,

Please bear with us at Bethany Home!   The threat of the corona virus has required us to implement the following strategies.

  • We are now mandated to stop all visitation to our facility.  (Level 3)
  • All staff will be screened and their temperature taken before the beginning of their shifts.

We are not sure how long these restrictions will remain in place.   We do have skyping available and, of course, phone service.
The safety of your loved ones is our #1 concern.   They are very well protected here. We are taking all necessary precautions.


Libby Sarro


MED logo for 125th

1892 – 2017
Expert Care and Gracious Hospitality for 125 Years

Whether you’re looking for superior quality skilled nursing and rehabilitation care for yourself or a loved one, we’re glad you found Bethany Home. For 125 years, Bethany Home has provided unparalleled care in warm, supportive surroundings.

Through the years, Bethany Home has embraced the needs of our community and as its needs changed, so too has Bethany Home. Today you will still find our environment gracious and homelike, but you will also find a passionate team of skilled nursing and rehabilitation professionals who are committed to helping each person regain their health, while responding to their individual needs and preferences.

As we celebrate our 125th Year of Community Service & Support, we invite you to watch this 11 minute video to learn more about our rich legacy.  

(Please turn volume all the way up for audio accompaniment.)

“Busy with Bethany”

Bethany is our “Director of Affection” and works hard with our staff to make sure our residents always have activities and fun when they aren’t working with our rehab team. Click here for a sampling of some of the fun she has with our residents during their stay. 

“Staying Better with Bethany”

Our residents safety and health is our number one concern, and we also want them to be safe when they return home from our facility. Here our Director of Rehab David Bragga explains the importance of making sure your loved ones walking aid is properly measured and how it can help prevent future accidents. To view the rest of David’s videos in the “Staying Better with Bethany” series click here.